Four Corners Anesthesia, PA

Goldstein, David MD

Bodtker, Erik MD

Bennett, Lorrie CRNA

Bull, Keith M. CRNA

Grossheim, Jana CRNA

Moore, Paul CRNA

Sales, Patricia (Diane)

1515 E. 20th St. Suite A Farmington, NM 87401


Katherine Andersen DOM

Andersen, Katherine DOM

606 S. Rio Grande, Ste B  Aztec, NM  87410


Specialist Directory Anesthesiology Cardiology Critical Care Dermatology Emergency Medicine Gastroenterology Geriatrics Endoscopy Chiropractic Nephrology Neurology OB/GYN Oncology / Hematology Optometry / Ophthalmology Orthopedics Pain Management Pathology PT / OT / ST Podiatry Radiation Oncology Otolaryngology Radiology Rheumatology Surgical Specialists Acupuncture Home Health / DME Prosthetics / Orthotic Physical Medicine / Rehab Wound Care

San Juan Regional Anesthesia

Confident, Ludner MD

Keiser, Seth MD

Melo, Fransisco MD

Evans, Bill DO

Fuller, Jared DO

Houghton, Chad CRNA

Black. Amylia CRNA

Crowthers, Steven CRNA

Ellis, Ryan CRNA

Leverich, Tyler CRNA

Punohu, Kristine CRNA

Russell, Roger CRNA

Saxey, Christopher CRNA

Snedaker, Justin CRNA

Stefek, Jackie CRNA

Wallace, John CRNA

Woods, Dennis CRNA

Hollist, Thad CRNA

Marshall, Tyler CRNA

Freestone, Ryan, CRNA

Wallace, John CRNA

Buffington, Eric CRNA

801 West Maple St.  Farmington, NM  87401


Choices Counseling Services

Pogue, William LPCC

Manz, Jean, M. LMFT

Stacey, Charles LMFT

Leclaire, Linda LPCC

313 West Apache St. Farmington, NM  87401

(505) 325-5321

San Juan Regional Cardiology

Weathers, Luther B. MD

Wilkins, Charles E. MD

Gabaldon, Jude MD

Sandhu, Faraz MD

Wyndham, Christopher MD

West, Michael MD

Girotra, Sudhaker MD

Chaney-Roberts Rachel MD

Chopra, Ravi MD

Manganello, Jennifer CNP

Rogers, Aaron CNP

Luhrs, Martha CNP

Tso, Jennifer PA

Pickard, Mary M. PA

407 S. Schwartz Ste. 101  Farmington, NM  87401


Advanced Chiropractic, LLC

Qualls, Jonathon DC

1415 West Aztec Blvd, #4  Aztec, NM  87410


Aztec Chiropractic Center, LLC

Graham, Summer DC

318 East Chuska  Aztec, NM  87410


Bentley Chiropractic, PC

Bentley, Robert DC

2901 East 20th Street, Ste 105 Farmington, NM  87401


Bloomfield Chiropractic Ctr, Inc

Glass, Robin DC

308 North First Street  Bloomfield, NM  87413


Brimhall Chiropractic Wellness LLC

Brimhall, Ezekiel B. DC

6610 East Main St. Farmington, NM  87402


Bryce J. Hunter, DC, PC

Hunter, Bryce J. DC

2130 Farmington Ave Farmington, NM  87401


Family First Chiropractic & Wellness Ctr LLC

Carpenter, Eric W. DC

6586 E. Main Street Farmington, NM 87401

505 564-2225

Infinite Health Chiropractic Wellness Center

Doolin, Jason S. DC

4991 N. Butler Ave., Farmington, NM 87401


Top Top

Jasper & Associates

Jasper, Rebecca LISW

Tarazon, Melissa LADAC

2901 E. 20th Street, Ste 104  Farmington, NM  87402


SJRMC-Behavioral Health

Young, Julie MD

Sadziene-Bessinger, Ariadna MD

Stolzfus, Eric MD

Emamdee, Allen Vaughn DO

Prifti, Nausika DO

Thelen, Janet CNP

Tujillo, Margie LPCC

555 South Schwartz Ave. Farmington, NM  87401

(505) 609-6680

John H. Koewler PhD

Koewler, John PhD

555 South Schwartz Ave. Farmington, NM  87401


New Mexico Psychological Services, P.C.

Sherrill, Robert PhD

701 West Apache  Farmington, NM  87401


Desert View, INC

Wiebe, Linda LPCC

Fortner, Terri CNP

6100 E. Main St Farmington, NM 87402


San Juan Health Services, LLC

Stackhouse, James T. CRNA

Moon, Brad CRNA

Dye, Kristal E. CRNA

301 B. South Lake St. Farmington, NM  87401


Anglin Family Therapy

Anglin, Kelly D. LMFT

3300 N. Butler Ave., Ste 217 Farmington, NM 87401


LaMesa Chiropractic Center & Rehabilitation center, Inc

Rowse, Jeremy DC

Rowse, Ryan DC

2904 North Hutton Ave  Farmington, NM  87402


Reliance Medical Group-Chiropractic, LLC

Silseth, Chad DC

3451 N. Butler, Ave Farmington, NM  87401


Shiprock Clinic Ltd.

Van Buskirk, William DC

Wingrove, Kenneth DC

Shiprock Shopping Center Hwy 491 S. Ste 6&7 87420


Smith Chiropractic, PC

Smith, Martin DC

1707 East 20th Street  Farmington, NM  87401


Staci Noyes, DC, PC

Noyes, Staci DC PC

3180 N. Butler Ave Bld. 300 Ste. B Farmington, NM 87401


Sussex Chiropractic PA

Sussex, Erica DC

Sussex, Randall M.  DC

4740 North Butler Ave  Farmington, NM  87401


Sunrise Chiropractic, LLC

Davis, Beth L. DC

409 W. Main St, Farmington NM 87401

505 324-2080

Mary Catherine Curry, MD

Curry, M. Catherine MD

316 North Locke  Farmington, NM  87401


SJRMC ER Physicians

Campbell, Brad D.O.

Weiss, Zachary MD

Ziercher, Brett MD

Erwin, Daniel MD

Greenburg, Brad MD

Tull, Graham MD

Bell, Angela MD

Hargrove, Jenny MD

Rike, Brian D.O.

Ambrose, Catherine MD

Smith, Carl J. MD

Maiers, Jarrad F. MD

Hehir, Daniel MD

Mize, Angela MD

Roehlk, Michael MD

Ketcham, Eric MD

Martinez, Frank MD

Wilmes, Janet MD

Young, Steven MD

Martinez, Frank MD

Sherwin, Heather MD

801 West Maple  Farmington, NM  87401

(505) 609-6193

Internal Medicine Associates, PC

Spence, James MD

301 South Lake  Farmington, NM  87401


Top Top Top

Genesis Physician Associates, LLC

Obisike, Uche N MD

Mcnally, Edmund PA

4801 N. Butler Street Suite 8102 Farmington, NM  87401


San Juan Endoscopy, LLC

950 West Pinon Street  Farmington, NM  87401


Top Top

A-Med Supply

815 W. Broadway  Ste. B Farmington, NM 87401


American Home Patient

906 San Juan Blvd, Ste C  Farmington, NM  87401


Eberhart Home Health, Inc

3751 N. Butler, Ste 107  Farmington, NM  87401


Guardian Angel Home Health

2800 N. Hutton Farmington, NM 87402


Horizon Home Health Services

725 East Ute  Farmington, NM  87401


Four Corners Gastroenterology Consultants

Colon, Francisco MD

Artistides, Bautista PA

940 West Pinon Street  Farmington, NM  87401


Home Medical Equipment Specialists. LLC DBA HME Specialists, LLC

3650 Bloomfield Highway Farmington, NM 87401


Pacific Pulmonary Services

900 San Juan Blvd, Ste #4 Farmington NM 87402


Preferred Homecare

2844 East Main Street , Ste. 105 Farmington, NM 87402


Muscle Works Physical Medicine

Van Burkirk, Joshua DC

4601 English Road, Ste B Farmington NM 87402


San Juan Oncology Associates, PC

735 W. Animas Street  Farmington, NM  87401


San Juan Regional Medical Center

Del Carmen, Villa MD

Hoffman, Charles MD

Jacob, Sodaran MD

Chavez, Denise MD

Vela-Sandoval, Carlos MD

Devitre, David G. D.O

Sharma, Vivek MD

Plagge, Amy MD

Kumar, Rahul MD

Kumar, Ranjit MD

Li, Ronald A. MD

Hidden, Skye DO

Adams, Lucas PA

801 West Maple  Farmington, NM  87401


Tricore Reference Laboratories

1001 Woodward Place, NE  Albquerque, NM  87102

1-505-938-8888 1-800-245-3296

Four Corners Nephrology

Solano Bayardo, Alejandro MD

Bevan, Mark MD

Pandya, Manish MD

Adeneye, Daniel MD

812 E. Maple St. Farmington, NM 87401


San Juan Regional Neurosciences

Langevin, Jean Philippe  MD

Nyame, Kwasi MD

Thompson, Carletta MD

Zublin, Guy MD

Sherr, Gregory MD

Redjal, Navid MD

Hummel, Molly PA

Nipper, Meghan PA

Troutner, Taffeta E. CNP

Tso, LaPrincess, CNP

407 South Schwartz Ave Suite 202  Farmington, NM  87401


San Juan Regional Midwifery & Women's Health Center

Carter, Beth CNM

Miller, Anne C.N.M.

Ewing, Carol C.N.M.

Felix, Michelle C.N.M.

Salazar, Nichele CNM

655 West Pinon  Farmington, NM  87401


Southwest Obstetrics and Gynecology

Fisher, Mark A. MD

634 West Pinion Street  Farmington, NM  87401


San Juan Oncology Associates, PC

Neidhart, Jeffrey MD

Kazmi, Syed MD

Imam, Sardar MD

735 W. Animas Street  Farmington, NM  87401


Northwest New Mexico Women's Health Specialists

Chang, Daniel MD

Szekely, Joseph MD

Thorpe, Kristean MD

610 West Pinon Street  Farmington, NM  87401


San Juan Obstetrics & Gynecology, LLC

Karabin, Jerry, MD

814 West Maple  Farmington, NM  87401


Advanced Family Eye Care

Olson, Jared OD

1711 E 20th street  Farmington, NM  87401


Scott Allen MD & Associates PC

Allen, Scott MD

2300 E. 30th St. Bldg B Ste 105 Farmington NM 87401


Orthopedic Associates, PA

Johnson, Adam MD

Kloberdanz, Dennis MD

Lucas, Jason DO

Hancock, Jonathan B. DO

Obuch, Adrian MD

Lucero Loretta RN

Searle, Diane

Stovall, April RN

Spellbring, Rena RN

Ward, Lawrence DPM

Becenti, Diandra PA

Waters, David DPM

Roberts, Casey PA

Southwick, Matthew PA

2300 East 30th St, Bldg D, Ste 101  Farmington, NM  87401


Pinon Hills ENT Associates

Wilkey, David L. MD

Clark, Brett M.  MD

Holley, Steven J DO

2300 East 30th St, Bldg D, Ste 102  Farmington, NM  87401


Four Corners Spine and Pain

Ray, Thaddeus A.  DO

2500 Farmington Ave, Farmington NM 87401


Tres Rios Pathology

Farnsworth, Brent DO

Otteson, Scott, MD

801 West Maple St. Farmington NM  87401


Jeffrey S. Grant MD PC

Grant, Jeffrey M

608 E. Comanche  Farmington, NM  87401


Family Foot Health Specialists

Dorner, Denise D.P.M.

4801 North Butler, Ste 14102  Farmington, NM  87401


Samuel C. Carpenter, DPM

Carpenter, Samuel DPM

904 E. 20th Street Unit C Farmington, NM  87401


San Juan Regional Rehabilitation Hospital

Thompson, Carletta MD

525 S. Schwartz Ave. Farmington, NM 87401


Bobby G. Painter, OD

Painter, Bobby OD

3280 North Butler  Farmington, NM  87401


Classic Eyewear, Inc.

Herrera, Bo OD

113 West Broadway  Farmington, NM  87401


Rivers In the Desert Eye Clinic

Adegite, Lawrence OD

306 South Lake  Farmington, NM  87401


Skyview Eyecare

Russell, Gordon OD

Kirste, Ian OD

Lister, Jedediah OD

3450 E. Main Street Farmington, NM 87402


Four Corners Artificial Limb and Brace

750 West Animas Street Farmington, NM 87401


Four Corners Radiation Oncology P.C

Nguyen, Linh MD

731 West Animas  Farmington, NM  87401


Four Corners Radiology Associates, PC

Bliss, Lynne MD

Orbelo, Robert MD

Webster, John R. MD
Weaver, Robert MD

Bray, Macey DO

802 West Apache Street  Farmington, NM  87401


X-Ray Associates of Farmington NM

Chaffey, Margaret MD

Cronk, Roger MS

Dautenhahn, Lawrence MD

Depper, Mark H

Fillmore, David MD

Lowry, James L. MD

Miller, Anthony MD

Neoff, Richard MD

Winterkorn, Keith MD

Jellison, Brian MD

1750 East 30th Street Farmington, NM  87401


Adam’s Plastic Surgery, PC

Adams, Jason DO

2300 East 30th St, Bldg B, Ste 103  Farmington, NM  87401


San Juan Oral & Facial Surgery

Cundick, David DDS

1700 N. Butler Ave, Farmington, NM 87401


Dwayne Gibbs, MD P.C.

Gibbs, Dwayne MD

630 West Maple Suite A  Farmington, NM  87401


San Juan Regional General Surgeons

Yeats, Melania, MD

Boyd, James M. MD

Westbury, Daniel MD

Garard, Markus MD

Dunworth, David MD

Kalcich, Damon T. DO

Lankenau, Erica J. PA

630 West Maple Street  Farmington, NM  87401


Four Corners Ambulatory Surgery Center

2300 East 30th Street, Bldg A  Farmington, NM  87401


Adult and Pediatric Urology

McCulloch, Allen MD

Burpee, James F. MD

Miller, Carol, PA

2300 East 30th Street, Bldg B, Ste 106  Farmington, NM  87401


Three Rivers Physical Therapy, Inc

Johnson, Jude PT

Rosburg, Lacy D. PT

Miner, Michael PT

Martinos, Kyle DPT

Hyde, Wesley DPT

3832 E. Main Street unit E. Farmington NM 87401


Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

Mosiman, Sidney S. PT

Shell, Peter PT

Gores, Margaret PT

505 N. Main Ave. Farmington NM 87401


Special K Fitness

Noyes, Kim PT
Cooper Amy, PT

Frank, Cynthia PT

3180 N. Butler Ave. Bldg. 300A Farmington NM 87401


Southwestern Home Health Care, Inc.

408 N. Auburn Ave., Farmington, NM 87401


Animas Foot and Ankle

Hugentolder Nicholas DPM

Hadfield, Robert DPM

Tovey, Micah, DPM

2700 Farmington Ave, Bldg C-1 Farmington, NM 87401


Therapy One Inc.

McManus, Gregory D. PT

2400 Farmington Ave, Farmington NM 87401


Family Health Inc,

3005 Northridge St Suite J Farmington, NM 87401


SJRMC Neurosciences

Jones, Jonathon, MD

407 South Schwartz Ave Ste 2024 Farmington, NM  87401


San Juan Regional Urology

Spendlove, Joshua MD

Taylor, Christopher MD

Mannas, Daniel MD

2700 Farmington Ave, Bldg E, Ste1 Farmington, NM 87401


Second Chance Counseling

Hawthorne-Martinez, Alisha LCSW-LADAC

Tarazon, Melissa A. LADAC

Lee, Abigail LMSW

719 W. Apache Street Farmington, NM 87401


SJRMC Wound Treatment Center

Palko-schrra, William DO

Dunworth, David MD

Wilmes, Janet MD

4251 English Rd. Farmington, NM  87401



San Juan Regional Neurology

LeComte, Karen MD

Waymire, Laura MD

Van Baak, Alfred A. MD

2300 E. 30th Street Suite 102 Farmingon, NM 87401


San Juan Wellness Services, Inc. dba: Fit4Ever

110 E. Apache Street Farmington, NM 87401



Four Corners Foot and and Ankle, PC

Lake, Kayse L. DPM

2700 Farmington Ave, Bldg C, Ste 1, Farmington, NM 87401


AOP Life Solutions, LLC

Schrader, Brent  LISW

101 S. Locke Ave Ste 202 Farmington, NM 87401


Behavorial Health

Souwthwest Healthcare, Inc

Breeden, Richard MD

Manulik, Morgan PA

Wall, Trevor PA

4801 N. Butler Ave., Ste 6102, Farmington, NM 87401


Genesis Physician Associates, LLC (Bloomfield Office)

Obisike, Uche N MD

Mcnally, Edmund PA

100-C North Church Street Bloomfield, NM  87413


San Juan Regional Heart Center Colorado

Chopra, Ravi MD

West, Michael MD

Sandhu, Faraz MD

Chaney-Roberts Rachel MD

Taylor, Christopher MD

Mannas, Daniel MD

Spendlove, Joshua MD

480 Wolverine Dr., Unite 12, Bayfield CO 81122


Onik Integrative Medicine, LLC

Steinberg, Talya PsyD

3300 N. Butler Ave. Suite 216 Farmington, NM 87401


Silver Falls Dermatology

Francher, Whitney MD

Davis, Rachell CNP

622 W. Maple St. Ste F. Farmington, NM 87401


Jeffrey S. Grant MD PC

Sands, Dee Ann LPCC

608 E. Comanche  Farmington, NM  87401


Four Corners Spine and Pain

Rivera, Camille MD

2500 Farmington Ave, Farmington NM 87401


Select Therapy Holding, Inc. dba: Select Physical Therapy

Valdez, Anthony PT

2700 Farmington Ave., Bldg C., Farmington,  NM 87401


Todd Williams, MD. PC.

Williams, Todd, MD

2300 East 30th St, Bldg B, Ste 103  Farmington, NM  87401


Mesa Family Practice

Kernagis, Kenneth LPCC

2130 A Farmington Ave Farmington, NM 87401


Desert Hills Dental Care, LLC

Schumacher, Charles DDS

2525 E. 30th St., Farmington, NM 87401



Larivee Counseling Services

Larivee, Rebecca LCSW

108 N. Behrend Ste 1 Farmington, NM  87401


2nd location: Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

Mosiman, Sidney S. PT

Shell, Peter PT

Gores, Margaret PT

660A E. Broadway Bloomfield, NM 87413


Harmony Naprapathic, PA

Sykes, Portia D. DN

8100 E, Main Street Farmington, NM 87402